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We have some really great companies in our portfolio.

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We are designers, hackers, UI crafters, PR masterminds, branding geniuses, and business brains.

We're not going to give you a ton of money, but what we offer is even more powerful. What we will provide is the collective expertise of one of the largest creative agencies in the Southeast (archer>malmo), along with a digital group that possess a combined 150 years of experience. We've built websites and mobile apps, conducted national TV campaigns, and launched industry-leading brands, all of which are built on smart and effective strategy.

We answer the most common startup question: What next?

So you have some great technology or a prototype that beta users are loving, and now you're ready to go to market in a big way. Great news: we're really good at that! From getting your brand right, to creating a brilliant UX for your app, to planning national PR campaigns and effective go-to-market strategies, we'll help you connect your product with the people who will love it.

In return, we'll construct a creative compensation schedule that works for you now and that won't cripple you later. This typically comes in the form of equity.

Sound good? If so, email us to get the ball rolling.

a>m ventures is located at 65 Union Ave | Memphis, TN 38103 | 901.523.2000
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