Download And Run Showbox On PC

Showbox For PC And Windows - Download Showbox APP

Showbox For PC And Windows – Download Showbox APP

Showbox for PC on Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10

Hello mates! We are up again with yet another means of major source of recreation. This gives us great pleasure that this thing will cost you nothing more that your time invested in your entertainment.  This will fill your heart with happiness. The thing is the ShowBox app that lets you have the download link for your PC. This is working on Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. For those, who aren’t acquainted with show box yet! Follow this article to know more about the app and get fascinated by its mind blowing features.

About the SHOWBOX App

The SHOWBOX started in 1996 in south Korea, it is a film distribution company. BAsically, It’s a mobile application which allows its viewers to watch television shows, movies and a lot of videos in the user’s smart phones. The app was easy to use on adroid operation but with the motto of expansion showbox extended its reach to other platforms. Now it can be availed on the PC’s as well. The steps are very easy.

The Benefits of this application:-

  1. It is a movie streaming app that lets the users get in touch with a wide range of movies and other entertaining things. Name a movie and you won’t be able to not to find it. Not only movies, one can stream music on the app too as recently the company has begun with its music branch.
  2. The showbox app is very much appraised because of its easy to use platform that lets the users have a magnificent movie and music experience. It is very simple to use the app and enjoy your best movies, be it new or old.  The app keeps itself updated all the time I orer to have the best user experience. The recent films and shows are added as soon as you would come to know about the movie. You don’t need to spend your time in searching for the movie or video.
  3. There are different modes on which you can setup your visual screen, depending on the kind of speed and data you have, you have the option to choose the quality. It can be 480p, 720p, 1080p. just a suggestion: if you have less data or a slow working internet, we recommend you to use the least quality in order to watch the show or movie with least buffering. The quality might be a little less but it can be very beneficial for a better experience.
  4. It has everything that any person from any age group, any taste would prefer to watch. It caters every kind of audience.
  5. Watching a movie of different language is a tough job, we know. Therefore, understanding the language becomes one critical part that makes you want to not to watch the show or the movie. For example, let us consider, NARCOS. This show has a lot of Spanish dialogues which gets straight above the heads of the audience, but here Showbox comes to the rescue. This app gives you ‘SUBTITLES’. Whener you find any movie of your interest that doesn’t really follow your language. You can get English subtitles to understand the movie properly.

All the features are common in both the mobile app version as well as the PC version.

Download Showbox for PC (Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10) 

Download And Run Showbox On PC - Showbox For Windows

Download And Run Showbox On PC – Showbox For Windows

The Showbox app was firstly made for the android systems. Now it is all available for other platforms but this specific link is for the PC version. The PC version download is a great way to have a great experience on a better larger screen. The process is easy with just one tricky part in it.

The tricky part is the emulator use. If you are aware of the emulator or if you use it already, the process is a cake walk for you but if you do not. You have to get an emulator to get the app. This ain’t very tough though. It’s just you have to download one app before getting the Showbox app.

It is not as easy as when you would have downloaded in the phone as there is no playstore in the PC. Therefore, you have to get an APK version of the app. This is going to be simple.

The emulator is necessary to get the app. There is no escape from getting the app.

In case you are troubled with the idea which emulator to use, we suggest you to use the dolphin or the arc welder. Make sure you get any of these in order to get the best of the emulator, do not worry any further, you are close the the showbox app. Once you have it, you can use it for many other apps which you find the in apk format only.

The RAM in your system has to be 2GB. The emulators we named are used In all sorts of systems. Be it mac or windows. You don’t have to strictly get it from any specific site. Write the name in you search engine’s bar and there you go. Click on the link that give you the emulator and download it, install it.

After the emulator downloading the steps get same for the people who already had emulator or recently downloaded it. Follow the steps:

  1. Open the emulator whichever you have
  2. Come to this page reach the link below which is given. This is a link to the download of the SHOWBOX APP apk file.
  3. Download the file and install it.
  4. Wait till the entire process gets complete.
  5. Open once done.
  6. Now you are free to watch everything of your choice for FREE

By using ARC welder

Google Chrome Arc Welder - Showbox App For PC Download

Google Chrome Arc Welder – Showbox App For PC Download

  1. First step of the process is to download and to get the browser: google chrome. Ignore this step if you have done it already.
  2. Open your Google chrome and start by downloading ARC welder. You can download it from any credible site.
  3. After  the extension is done with installation then you have to press the option “add to chrome”.
  4. Now there would be an option “Add App”, you will have to click it. Quickly, open a new tab in your browser and press the “Apps” options.
  5. In the Apps, open the ARC welder.
  6. Now move ahead and start to download the showbox app for PC. Download the app from the link given below.
  7. Inside the emulator, press the button ‘Add your APK’ and add the showbox.apk file.
  8. Once you are done, click on ‘test’.
  9. You will be able to run the app now.
  10. In case you get a connection error, open the ew tab in chrome, go to app and showbox.
  11. In order to launch the app in the next time, open Chrome browser> the new tab> the  Showbox app.

What are the other best alternative emulators to use showbox on PC?

Showbox Alternatives On PC

Showbox Alternatives On PC – Download Showbox App

An android emulator for PC helps its user to replicate the environment of an android in a PC. Many emulators are not very efficient and work in a very sluggish manner.  Choose the best one in accordance to your system. KOPLAYER and Bluestacks are a good alternative for the app.

Apps that can be used in place of the Showbox app:

Following are the app that can be used in place of the Showbox app: 

  • Popcorn Time: This app is for anroid, linux and also for iOs. Another app just like showbox. It is supportive of a lot of platforms and easy to use just as SHowbox.
  • Playbox HD: the bluish theme is its highlight. This is a free app that anyone can use without any very specific knowledge of technology.
  • MegaBox HD: this is an app made for android. Massive competitor of Showbox. The app is a very easy to use interface.


This app can give you an amazing time. Sit whenever you have time with a good internet connection for the best experience online. We have inserted the links very diligently to solve your purpose and we assure you the best experience of movies without even spending a single penny off your pocket. These links are specifically for PC devices, for windows. Make sure the emulator is download properly before downloading the app.

Thanks for passing by!